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    For the buyer


    Propose or investigate a property that fulfills your wishes is an honor for us, and to do so we often need a personal meeting aimed to understand your real needs; established what are the characteristics you are looking for in ‘property you want to buy, we submit a sufficient number of proposals that will be able to

    comfortably review them from home, on your PC, and plan with pleasure a schedule of visits on site.

    If we do not have the “right” property “, the one that reflects your needs, we can search through the proposals of our Partners or conduct a research aimed through one of our staff member. This will happen until we find the right “Real Estate solution.” You will be always accompanied and followed by the employee who best knows the area of your interest and the type of property you are looking for.

    The trust gained over time and the consolidated and continuous relations between us and many of our customers, buyers and sellers allowed us and allows us to often be aware of properties that are not “officially on the market”.

    For this reason, our “properties portfolio” sometimes contains the objects and places that cannot be accessed comprehensively and require your request for to look at the confidential information, or even the complete absence of any information on the site. Therefore we recommend, if possible, to contact us to be able to really deliver the property, the one that meets your desires.


    Before buying

    Our Partner, The Technical Office, pre-screen all the technical documentation / cadastral regarding the property and may be also instructed by you in assessing the feasibility of new interventions. Together with the Carratelli RE Architecture Studio we are at your disposal to explain any already prepared projects, to draw up projects with relative render both the indoor and outdoor spaces even with use of very sophisticated softwares to understand the

    potential of the properties you are most interested in.

    Mortgage loan

    With established relationships with banking institutions we assist our

    customers in every step of the mortgage/loan request.




    Once found the desired property the procedure is to sign an offer to purchase, form filed with the Chamber of Commerce, and only at the acceptance of this will accrue the entitled commission amounting to 4% plus VAT as per law. 10% of entitlements is paid at the time of acceptance, 50% at signing of the preliminary, the balance on the date of the final deed.

    After buying


    The technical Studio and the Architecture Studio, Partners of the Carratelli RE, will then follow you if you decide to entrust them with the renovation of your home or furnishing of the interior and exterior spaces. We are on your side to help you meet the ‘Interior designers that will make your home unique and unrepeatable. The Interior designers of our Architecture Studio is at your disposal to advise on the colors, the fabrics, to choose together with you the entire furniture or to design it fully customized according to your taste and the characteristics of the property. Everything to make the purchased property the home of your dreams.



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