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Luxury Homes, historic brand, synonymous with elegance, sophistication, dedication to the selection of a few but luxurious and prestigious “House of Dreams” located in the most exclusive locations of Italy, and offering a way of life unique and unrepeatable.
Sea, lakes of northern Italy, the Tuscan countryside, mountains, cities like Rome, Florence and Venice with their historic villas, Sardinia and Sicily, golf, spas continually make dream those customers who wish to buy an exclusive property in one place and unique characteristics, historical, artistic beauty.
Those who conceived, those who wanted, for over 18 years dealing with seriousness and real estate intermediation meticulous professionalism of those “properties” that need to be handled with extreme responsibility, to the right customers proposals, published just as accurate and scrupulous attention.
Location, architectural features, absence of visual and sound disturbances, panoramic views, refined details and restructuring are all elements that are taken into account to make the selection of these real estate properties.
Over the years many have used these two words, side by side with the name of their agency, but there is one and only one, the first ……., born on the skills and the desire to offer selected and rare character to a small circle of customers, demanding, refined, which is never satisfied …
Manage the sale of a property with “Luxury” features require a lot of preparation and an innate ability, why these Houses are entrusted to a highly professional staff, dedicated with great care to a limited number of properties.
We are sure that potential customers we serve buyers will appreciate this meticulous and careful selection.

Gabriele Carratelli