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    For those looking to sell their property Carratelli Real Estate offers various solutions and marketing plans to get to the sale.

    Through in-depth interaction with you we collect information which help us to

    understand together which marketing plan is the most suited to your needs, advising and choosing the tools and advertising channels. For those who want the utmost confidentiality in the management of the sale we respond to this need by publishing properties in a reserved area of our site, which is only accessible by authorized guests.


    The marketing plan involves the choice between one of two main strategies:
    a) traditional instruments and channels that we normally use
    b) tools and detailed channel studied on the basis of the property characteristics, this option provide for advance non-refundable expenses.

    traditional channels that we normally use:

    1. Photo shoot made by our officer or photo shoot done by professional photographer (exclusive assignment)
    2. e-mail marketing and newsletter. We send your property to our numerous customers that we are follow for 16 years keeping the database accurate and up to date on their research.
    3. Publication on our site or (for particularly valuable properties)
    4. Publication of your property on the Italian and foreign portals
    5. Collaboration with foreign partners to give maximum visibility on the most listed markets for the sale of your property. We count among our international network of partner agencies, bilateral cooperation between the countries of companies, leading real estate agency for specific markets, Architecture and Design Studios, Legal Firms etc.
    6. Publication on Italian and foreign magazines.
    7. Create and send personalized brochures to thecustomers in the portfolio and / or important Professionals in contact with potential customers
    8. International Trade Fairs
    9. Creation of renovation and furnishing projects with rendering (exclusive assignment)Detailed tools and channels:
    • aerial photography service with drone
    • Custom Interior & Exterior Studio, preparation of restructuring and rendering projects, or just of “dressing”, during the second visit you will be also be accompanied by the architect and designer who created the project to value your property, all with the goal to expand its potential for sale.
    • Maximum visibility at trade fairs and exhibitions in the sector, (our stand with image of your property, monograph, the first page of the catalog, video demonstration)
    • Business tour of international professionals and direct buyers with a visit to your property
    • Open House
    • Creation of monographs with highly-targeted distribution
    • Advertorials on various magazines and international newspapers



    International Portals:

    – Unique Homes. USA based historical company with especial visibility in North/South America and Europe. Carratelli Real Estate decided to buy the Featured Properties space in February 2016 to give our portfolio the best worldwide visibility. It also is a very important platform to work with American agencies.


    – PropGoLuxury – One of the most important luxury real estate related site. Designed to reach wealthy clients, both English speaking clients and Asian markets. We access a 20.000.000 public every month. We publish our properties with premium and elite visibility.


    James Edition. One of the most important luxury marketplace in the world and it also deals in Real Estate. Excellent visibility in Europe and North America. We bought their newsletters that will be sent to every member, so we are capable of promoting in the most direct and exclusive way possible toward the international public.

    LuxuryEstate. Counting 5.000.000 monthly views LuxuryEstate is one of the best luxury properties related site in the world. Approximately the 17% of the users are Americans , 13%English, 11%French, 10% German, 9% Brasilian, 9& Italian, 7% Spanish, 2% Russians a 2% Chinese. All our ads have Premium and Elite quality to ensure the best visibility. We also use banners about the most interesting locations.

    –        It is the only website that promotes exclusively Italian properties to foreign buyers. It has great visibility. Most of the users and the requests come from: Germany, Belgium, USA, Netherland, Sweden, Brasil, Argentina, South Africa, Middle East area and Russia. We send regular newsletters to all members, granting a very good response for our properties. We use Premium and Vetrina Ads.

    –                 RightmoveOverseas. It is the number one website in UK. We have top visibility ads (Featured and Premium listings) and zone-targeted newsletters to give our potential english clients the best proposal.

    –    Zoopla and Prime Location. It is the best English media holding regarding Real Estate. It gives top visibility to international middle/high end properties to UK users, particularly from London. The manage ads on “The “Sunday Times” , a newspaper owned by “The Times”.

    International Newspapers Publications

    Financial Times 

    The New York Times in lingua Chinese 

    Sunday Times  di “The Times” 



    • Unique Homes
    • Ville & Casali
    • Yana Property
    • PREGIO

    Italian Websites






    EX-URSS countries visibility:

    Advertising Portals and websites of our partner brokers

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