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    The Property Finder is the exclusive consultant for those who wish to acquire or lease a property.

    He is a professional specialized in commissioned researches for demanding clients who requires a high quality service, which ensures speed in finding properties, with features perfectly suited to the needs.

    The feature that differentiates the figure from the traditional intermediary is that it is directed solely towards the principal customer for whom the Property Finder looks after the interests and realizes any “desire” related to the real estate sector.


    Anticipating a small fee to have an important and efficient service and postponing to the time of conclusion of the deal the payment of the fee, is a fair compromise that ensures an excellent service for the client and to certainty of the interest of the client to the Property Finder.

    Unlike traditional agencies the offer properties that are within their portfolio of properties, the Property Finder interfaces with a different number of Agencies, constantly monitoring the market of the area of interest allowing them to propose those properties that are normally hardly given to the traditional Real Estate Agencies.


    For the interest of our customers in the Property Finding, one of our expert agents will collect every detail of the request to give substance to any possible real estate desire that we will strive to achieve in the shortest time possible.

    If your need is to buy a property with well-defined characteristics, to do it at the right time, if you are tired of receiving real estate proposals that do not meet the requirements, then the best choice is undoubtedly to appoint a Property Finder: A true real estate professional.


    How we work:

    Meetings will take place at our offices, or if you wish, even at your residence. After understanding your needs, your project becomes our project.

    Together we will create the desired property profile, taking into account all the aspects which will have to distinguish: perfect type, location, context, special features, essential services nearby, characteristics of various kinds. After that we will establish precise timing and budget.


    We will analyze together the fiscal and economic aspects through a valid specialized professional team which are long time partners of ours.

    The research assignment will last approximately 30-90 days but for specific needs we are used to operate even faster.

    Starting in the first 30 days we will be able to submit several proposals with adequate characteristics to those indicated. We will use the remaining 30/60 days for further research, should the first fail to be entirely satisfactory.

    While we seek your property you will continue to dedicate yourself to your activities, priorities and interests, in the greatest serenity possible.

    Meanwhile, the Property Finder will constantly update you on the progress of the research.

    The solutions found will be analyzed and viewed together along with a visit and when you will have found the suitable property will begin a urban planning, cadastral and tax due diligence, to set up proper commercial negotiation and proceed with the purchase in a concrete way.

    The linearity and transparency of each step will be the distinguishing feature of Your / Our successes.

    “Contact us to activate your search.”

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