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The brick awakening in Italy for the big art cities

Posted by linda on 26 April 2019
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The real estate Italian market goes back to levels of 2010, raising after the lowest levels reached in 2013. A trend increase of transactions, growing by 7.6%, the hoghest level in the latest two years.

This increase is proved by Istat datas, who show how in the fourth trimester of 2018 trades are increased of 4.7% than the trimester before, with a +4.4% for the housing sector and a 10.5% for the economical one.

Year 2018 has registered an overall rise of 4.7% of buying and selling, that reached the value of 791.290. The Tecnocasa semestral report has also highlighted this estate market upswing, where house prices, even if still stationary, have been registering a growth of +0.7% in big cities and a reduction of -0.6% in province county seats and -0.5% in big cities hinterland. The most sought-after pieces are flats under 120,000 euros, however ther ei salso an increase of searches in the slot of 250-349,000 euros. The greater market vivacity is also connected to the reduction of selling times in Italy, dropped of one week on average in 2018 than the year before.

Art and university cities are the main interested of this awakening, where the property investment permits returns of 4-5% per year.

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