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An already-existing accommodation has many positive aspects, especially the price while a new one is much more expensive to build from scratch.

Ottimo Ristrutturato
Ottimo Ristrutturato

Restaurant in Arezzo – Tuscany

220 m2
RIF: 3108 EN
€ 525.000 ,00

Ancient Mill in Celle Sul Rigo town centre, Tuscany

265 m2
RIF: 3916 EN
€ 310.000 ,00


Our portal shows more convenient tourist facilities, hotels and properties for tourist use. If you have an accommodation business or wish to buy a hotel business, here you will find the most suitable proposals for your needs.

Tours and activities of this kind are the trend of the tourist market in the last two years. This is confirmed by the growth rates estimated by specialised operators. Our tourism experts have a long experience in the field and they guarantee high professionalism and discretion, having an incredible network of investors, potential buyers, booked clients, as well as a wide distribution and marketing channel for hotels and gastronomic properties. 

These are the best prerequisites for a successful sale or a successful lease. If you are an entrepreneur deciding to expand your hotel business, you may be wondering whether the best investment is to buy a hotel or to build a new one. Of course, the choice will depend on costs, time and many other variables, but every alternative has its advantages and disadvantages.

Buying an existing structure can give certain data, as the present and future performance of the hotel’s business, making you understand what to expect from your investment. Furthermore, the purchase of an existing accommodation facility allows the hotel to continue working as always, without waiting to start an activity which is already set up. Profits may already arrive after 1 or 2 years, differently than building a new property. Finally, the cost of a new building to be used as an accommodation facility, together with the cost of the building land, are usually higher than buying a hotel already working.

Our agency is the ideal intermediary for those who intend to buy a new hotel or an accommodation facility in general such as a farmhouse. Contact us for all information on properties for sale

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