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Castles and convents evoke a glorious past together with drawing quiet corners among the countryside and the sea. Today these splendid buildings are living a second youth.

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Castle on Lake Corbara

500 m2
RIF: 3025 EN
€ 620.000 ,00


Carratelli has a selection of castles, monasteries and convents for sale in the main areas of interest in Italy. Oasis of peace and silence, these structures are an ideal place for people who wish to retreat away from prying eyes as well as for anybody is looking for the perfect location to open a reception room or a luxury hotel.

Italy is full of castles, convents and monasteries: from the Aosta Valley to Sicily, the residences of monks, friars, nuns belonging to the regular orders constituted. From the Middle Ages, these structures hosted travellers even before hotels and accommodation centres. There is a wide range of reasons why these buildings are for sal, but they can be easily transformed in accommodation facilities of any level, including castles.

Standing on majestic mountains; immersed in natural sceneries that leave you breathless or lapped by the waves of the sea, these buildings narrate tales on the fine line between reality and fantasy.  Built for defensive or spiritual purposes, castles, monasteries and convents are always highly suggestive and, in some cases, they have also a lot of hidden symbology. Generally, castles originated as an extension of towers, which were very massive, isolated and usually located in strategic places: a vast territory could be controlled from the castle so that enemies could be seen from afar. Otherwise, protected by mighty walls, life swarmed.

Abbeys and convents were also fortified buildings to avoid raids of any kind. There are two types: the ones built in isolated places date back to the early Middle Ages while those built inside the cities date back to the late Middle Ages (after 1100). Even if it is possible to notice common artistic forms throughout Europe, monasteries also assumed similar characteristics according to the order they followed.  

If you are interested in these beautiful buildings full of history, please contact our real estate agency to get to know better those for sale and see them up close. Call to arrange a meeting.

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