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Luxury Homes is a historic brand part of the Carratelli Holding, synonymous of elegance, refinement and  dedication to select a group of luxurious and prestigious “Dream Properties” located in the most exclusive locations in Italy, offering a unique and unrepeatable lifestyle.

Seaside, lakes of Northern Italy, Tuscan countryside, mountains, art cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice with their historic villas, Sardinia and Sicily, golf, spas: locations that allows our customers to keep on dreaming in an exclusive property located in a unique and unrepeatable place for characteristics, historicity and artistic beauty.

The person who conceived it, the person who wanted LUXURY HOMES has been dealing with real estate brokerage and consultancy for over 21 years with seriousness and meticulous professionalism for properties that need to be managed with extreme professionalism, proposed to the right clients, published with as much careful and scrupulous attention.
Managing the sale of a real estate property with “Luxury” characteristics requires, in fact, a long preparation and an innate ability.

The selection of properties takes into consideration several elements such as location, architectural features, absence of elements of visual and acoustic disturbance, panoramic views, particular and refined renovations.

“ was born from the ability and the desire to be able to offer prestigious and rare properties to a selected, demanding and refined clientele.
We are sure that our potential clients will appreciate this meticulous and accurate selection.”

CEO – Gabriele Carratelli



Carratelli Real Estate is the reference point for the luxury real estate market. We manage many Art Nouveau villas, historic mansions, renovated farmhouses and luxury flats throughout Italy. Ours is an exceptional portfolio with castles for sale and luxury properties suitable to satisfy any need.
We offer our clients a selection of beautiful properties to have a catalogue as complete as possible in the most beautiful locations in Italy. We can guide you to the choice of your ideal residence with great professionalism, using our experience and preparation combined with great confidentiality and discretion.


Historical buildings are usually defined as luxury homes too; since they are already present in the area, the aim is to preserve their specificity, reinterpreting it. This care goes along with the goal of sustainability. Rooms are equipped with every comfort despite their historic importance, from photovoltaic panels to water recovery systems to supply the swimming pool, which is present in every villa and luxury house.
Indoor or outdoor, there is always the presence of a pool, often an infinity pool, surrounded by elements that enhance it as the patio, the solarium ore the garden making it  the best area of a property for relaxation.
Luxury farmhouses or castles in a modern style are what we offer our customers.


Luxury properties are also a way to escape from everyday stress, to return to nature. Could they be located among Tuscan hills or nestled in the Roman Countryside, luxury properties are often surrounded by greenery. Large windows overlook the most evocative views and panoramas of the best places in Italy. Surveys confirm that the luxury home sector grow constantly since the luxury home is still a good investment, especially in the most beautiful areas of Italy.

Having a house with these characteristics is certainly a guarantee of investment, in addition to the pure architectural and aesthetic sense it remains a valuable property in decidedly renowned areas, from the luxury loft in the center of Rome, to the apartment with terrace overlooking the Duomo of Florence or even to the farmhouse with vineyard in Chianti. To find the ideal place for buying or renting such sought-after homes, all you have to do is contact us and you will have every detail.

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