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Palaces and buildings for sale or for rent can be both modern or historically relevant. Choose one of our offers.

Da Ristrutturare

Historical Palace with Fortress in Chiusi – Tuscany

850 m2
RIF: 3104 EN
€ 5.800.000 ,00

Historic Palace in Arezzo – Tuscany

800 m2
RIF: 3084 EN
€ 760.000 ,00
Da Ristrutturare

Noble palace in Semproniano – Tuscany

250 m2
RIF: 2832 EN
€ 260.000 ,00
Al grezzo da rifinire

Historic Palace in the centre of Florence

1298 m2
RIF: 3574 EN
€ 5.500.000 ,00

Prestigious estate with panoramic terrace – Montepulciano

600 m2
RIF: 4143 EN
€ 1.350.000 ,00


In the market of palaces and luxury buildings everything revolves around a series of elements that make the property exclusive not only for its beauty and quality, but also for the services offered. Survey show that the purchase of a property with these qualities, which also contains features linked to wellness or entertainment, is an important investment to stimulate the rebirth of decentralised neighbourhoods

The house continues to represent a milestone in life. Today, however, at the time of purchase, great attention is put on if the residence is technologically advanced with respect to energy sustainability and impact on the surrounding environment. In recent years, an increasing number of architectural firms have been involved in renovating epoque buildings to give them a new lease of life while maintaining their original structure and making them more modern. An antique palace surrounded by modern residential areas is not just a patchwork of expensive elements but it becomes a real work of art where living is a pleasure. Historical buildings are usually also called luxury houses, as they are already present in the area; the aim is to preserve their specificity and reinterpret it

A focus that goes hand in hand with that of sustainability. Despite their history they are equipped with every comfort, from photovoltaic panels and water recovery systems to supply the swimming pool, present in every villa and luxury home that wants to define itself as such. Many buildings elegantly designed in the last century, with due care, have become a must and transported into the new millennium: industrial complexes that have become new creative workshops and buildings where unexpected explosions of greenery combat the pollution of the metropolis. Modern architecture revives historic buildings and designs new structures that are particularly beautiful to look at and to live in, giving life to new projects.

These prestigious buildings, located both in the city centre and in other metropolitan areas, have in common the beauty and ease of living in well-built palaces.

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