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The Property Finder is an exclusive advisor to those who plan to buy or to rent a property. It is a professional specialized in research on assignment for a demanding clientele that needs a high-quality service, such as to guarantee speed in finding properties with characteristics perfectly suited to their needs. The characteristic that differentiates the profile of the Property Finder from the traditional intermediary is that it is exclusively directed towards the client for whom the Property Finder takes care of the interests and realizes any desire related to the real estate sector. Anticipating a small commission in order to have an important and efficient service and postponing the payment of the fees until the conclusion of the deal, is a fair compromise that guarantees to the client the excellence of the service and to the Property Finder the real interest of the client in the purchase.
Differently from the traditional agencies that propose properties that have within their property portfolio, the Property Finder interfaces with a different number of real estate agencies, constantly monitoring the market in the area of interest, succeeding in proposing those properties that hardly are normally commissioned to traditional Real Estate Agencies.
Given the interest of our clients in Property Finding, one of our experienced agents will collect every possible real estate request to give shape to every possible real estate need that we will strive to achieve in as short time as possible.
If your need is to buy a property with well-defined characteristics, to do it in the right time, if you are tired of receiving real estate proposals that do not meet the requirements, then the best choice is undoubtedly to hire a Property Finder: a real estate professional.

Our work philosophy:

Meetings will take place in our offices or if you prefer, even at your residence. After understanding your needs, your project becomes our project.

We create together the outline of the desired property considering all the aspects that should distinguish it: perfect type, location, context, peculiarities, essential services in the surroundings, characteristics of various kinds. Then we will establish precise timescales and budgets.
We will analyse together the fiscal and economic aspects thanks to a team of skilled professionals that we have been working with for many years.
The research assignment will last approximately 30/90 days but for specific needs we are used to operate in shorter times.
In the first 30 days we will already be able to present you several real estate proposals with appropriate characteristics as indicated to us.
We will continue to use the remaining 30/60 days to carry out further research if the first ones are not completely satisfactory.
While we are looking for your property you can continue to dedicate yourself to your activities, priorities and interests, in the greatest tranquillity possible.
In the meantime, the Property Finder will constantly update you on the progress of the search.

Solutions found will be analysed and reviewed together with an inspection. Once identified the appropriate property, a due diligence for urban planning, cadastral and tax will begin to set up a proper commercial negotiation and to proceed with the purchase in a concrete way.
The coherence and transparency of every single step will be the distinctive element of your/our success.

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