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In collaboration with Carratelli Engineering we offer a global, continuous and integrated management service of both public and private properties and real estate assets, with the aim of monitoring the state of the property, its uses and market trends, in order to achieve the highest possible profitability and over time an increase in the value of the properties managed.

Our mission is the creation of value through the management of all activities aimed at enhancing and transforming a real estate heritage, consisting of both areas and properties, overseeing all phases: from the feasibility analysis to the master plan and design, ending with the realization. Carratelli Engineering in projects and development works operates on four levels of consultancy: EVALUATION, STRATEGY, OPERATIONAL and MAINTENANCE.


It is finalized to the analysis of the urban/procedural, patrimonial, economic/financial feasibility conditions, necessary for initiatives of urban development and/or transformation/building and/or settlement optimization of areas or buildings.


Identification and verification of the conditions of the real estate asset and of the valorisation strategies. Identification, setting up and coordination of the activities aimed at establishing the feasibility conditions of enhancement proposals from the urban, planning, commercial, market, economic/financial points of view.

Verify, with the competent bodies, the procedures and urban planning methods necessary to plan the feasibility project of the initiative. Town planning promotion until the general town planning tool is obtained, coordinating, if necessary, the external partner professionals involved.

Planning, from an urban/procedural point of view, of the enhancement choices, through the drafting of a feasibility project agreed with the property. Coordination of the activities necessary to make the general urban planning choices executive, to prepare the executive urban planning tools, as well as to apply for the various building permits and/or concessions. Identification and planning of the activities, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, aimed at achieving the objectives of valorisation and/or better use.


It can be traced back to the development of all those activities that are essential to the implementation and achievement of the objectives of real estate transformation to maximize the economic result.  Development and general coordination of real estate development initiatives, organised through specialised studies and consultancy, including external ones, in relations with the Public Bodies responsible for issuing the relevant authorisations (Municipalities, Provinces, Superintendencies, Regions, Authorities and various Bodies), the designated professionals, companies or specialised companies that participate in the implementation of the transformation programmes.


Carratelli Engineering is able to manage for you all the operations and controls necessary to maintain the real estate value created; we manage for you, through sophisticated and innovative software, the payment of utilities, the collection of rents, we keep under control and manage the various deadlines for the payment of taxes, we intervene in small or medium ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works, we intervene in case of litigation, but even more important, we keep a constant control on market changes in order to intervene promptly in case further transformations are needed to maintain or even better improve both the value of your assets and the income that this can give you.

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