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Giving new life to charming historic villages is one of the tasks of our agency as well as bringing together sellers and buyers

Ottimo Ristrutturato

Prestigious Village in Tivoli-Rome

9600 m2
RIF: 3483 EN
€ 6.800.000 ,00

Charming Hamlet in Castelnuovo Berardenga – Tuscany

1000 m2
RIF: 2943 EN
€ 3.450.000 ,00


Italy is dotted with charming little hamlets of medieval origin. Most of them still preserve their fortification walls in memory of a glorious past, others are so picturesque that they seem to have come out of an artist’s canvas. Postcard landscapes in Italy really do exist, so more and more travellers decide to stop and visit them for a few days, for months or in some cases to buy a whole one to stay longer. In the Belpaese there are cities of art, historical cities, but also lost and splendid hamlets, medieval villages that tell, through their streets and fascinating alleys, the story of a people and of Italy itself.

But what defines a hamlet? To fall into the category, a place must have a precise number of inhabitants – no more than 5 thousand people- and it must have an architectural heritage recognized by the Superintendence of Fine Arts as unique and historical.

Ancient hamlets have rightfully become part of the green philosophy for a conscious and low-impact tourism, made of enchanting itineraries and treasures to be rescued from abandonment. Italy of ancient and often unknown villages, exposed to the risk of demographic and economic decline, is the one from  which it is necessary to start again to create development and wealth in harmony with small local communities and businesses.

It is defined as a “minor” architectural heritage, ancient, abandoned or underused, but it seems to have returned to arouse renewed interest: ancient villages left to their fate of abandonment have become the subject of debate regarding the importance and necessity of their recovery.

Hamlets in Italy are characterized by the various dominations that have occurred: if in the South Moorish designs prevail, in Northern Italy the landscape changes. Besides the known places, there are also smaller and equally fascinating realities that are not known. Thanks to the law saving hamlets which has recently been approved in Parliament to support and enhance small Italian municipalities, we can notice a rebirth of those localities that are risking depopulation.

As we said before, the purchase of small historical centres is allowed due to the protection of some laws issued by the Italian Parliament to avoid degradation and depopulation. Contact our real estate agency for all the details.

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