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Whether they are villas or farmhouses, this category of property is monitored and considered with great attention by our agents. Both renovated properties or in need of renovation are selected by us continuously and investigated in every detail.

Al grezzo da rifinire

Modern villa with garden in Poggio Imperiale – Florence

508 m2
RIF: 3316 EN
€ 2.500.000 ,00
Da Ristrutturare

Quaint Farmhouse to Recover in Chiusi – Tuscany

1000 m2
RIF: 2651 EN
€ 665.000 ,00
Ottimo Ristrutturato

A panoramic window on Florence

360 m2
RIF: 2958 EN
Ottimo Ristrutturato

Historic villa in San Giuliano Terme

1000 m2
RIF: 3443 EN

Farmhouse in Cetona – Tuscany

120 m2
RIF: 4693 EN
€ 275.000 ,00
Al grezzo da rifinire

Elegant villa in the Chianti hills

1250 m2
RIF: 3852 EN
€ 1.350.000 ,00


The farmhouse or country house is a building structure connected to rural life land the rhythms of the land, widely used before industrialization. Exteriors have stone, wood and brick. Old terracotta floors are a distinguishing feature of this kind of buildings. The sum of these and other elements transform a property into a farmhouse. A farmhouse is generally a single house that can become a villa with a panoramic view, sometimes equipped with a swimming pool. The most charming ones are the infinity pools, which convey the water into a perimeter channel that uses a compensation pool for filtering; once filtered, the water is returned to the pool; moreover, they can have also a waterfall edge or a traditional one. Aesthetically, the characteristic of these pools is that they are positioned at the same level as the ground so that, as the water aligns flush with the floor, a mirror effect is created giving the visual impression of greater width.

Country houses represent the history of the farming communities that have lived there. Nowadays, these ancient buildings are experiencing a second youth:  tourism is moving more and more towards this kind of structures. Therefore, what better use for a farmhouse than an accommodation facility, such as a farm holiday, an inn, a hostel or, why not, a holiday home. The farmhouse or the country house guarantee an oasis of relaxation in the Italian countryside. The purchase of a farmhouse can be considered an economically convenient investment, allowing to buy a property at competitive prices, sometimes even located in valuable areas. Once purchased, it can be transformed and made habitable according to the criteria and comforts of nowadays life. The current regulation in force in Italy provides that the renovation of a country house must be aimed at granting compliance with safety standards,  a document that certifies compliance with the health and hygiene requirements necessary to define it as habitable

Relying on experts for the functional adaptation of a building is necessary. The sector of buying and selling country houses and farmhouses is largely developed in the areas requested by a foreign clientele, especially in central Italy, due to the greater presence of this type of housing; it is less lively, however, where tourism arrives less frequently. Tuscany is the region where it is most frequently possible to come across country properties for sale, followed by Piedmont with 11.6% of the total, with Langhe, Roero and Monferrato as preferred areas. Continuing in the ranking, we find Marche, with 5.9% of the offer, and Emilia-Romagna with 5.1%; below the threshold of 5% we find Umbria and Puglia, where the rural properties are mostly called “masserie” or “trulli“.

These great traditional houses, rich of history, can be true corners of paradise nestled in the countryside and far from the stress of the city. The beauty of these places brings back ancient rituals and practices, now forgotten, to be recovered. Contact our agency for all the details

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