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The most beautiful houses and historic estates for sale in Italy. Luxury properties for every need.

Our agency is highly specialized in search services for clients in real estate markets, helping the client in finding the best property according to his available budget. The Italian “brick” has always managed to conquer foreigners who want to buy a second home in the Italy to live moments of relaxation and be cuddled by good food, rolling hills, charming medieval villages and ancient castles, which have permeated with culture and history our peninsula so loved abroad.


According to the data of “Il Sole 24 ore”, the increasing curve of property purchase remains closely linked to two factors: Location and unit price per square meter.

In the main Italian cities such as Rome and Milan, for example, for the last two years there are almost 40,000 house sales transactions involving properties from 5000 to 7,000 euros per square meter.

This depends on the conformation of the cities, which are more inclined to host valuable properties, especially in central areas, but also on the cost of daily life in these large metropolises. In cities like Genoa, Bari, Bologna, Palermo or Naples, the concentration of real estate transactions is much lower and concerns properties with prices below for one square meter, at least according to estimates.

In the market of luxury homes everything revolves around a series of elements that make the property exclusive not only for beauty and quality, but also for the services offered. The survey, in fact, showed that the purchase of a luxury home that also contains features related to wellness or entertainment is also an important investment to stimulate the rebirth of decentralized neighbourhoods. The house continues to be a landmark in life, and the luxury villa is still an important status symbol. Today, in addition, at the time of purchase, attention is paid to technological innovations with respect to energy sustainability as well as the impact on the surrounding environment. This awareness is very much felt not only in the big cities but also in the country farmhouses, such as the typical farmhouses of the Tuscan hills.

Our agency is specialized in buying and selling prestigious properties such as villages, villas and farmhouses. Our staff will be able to advise you according to your personal and family needs. Contact us for all details.

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