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Real estate services to make bureaucratic tasks easier for our clients

Services for buyers: Our strength is looking for properties which best suits our customers’ requests. If your dream is to buy an estate or a property in ancient villages, we will be able to manage every need as best as possible.
Our highly qualified staff makes you save time even in the crucial phases of the rental, having a large portfolio of properties and ensuring at the same time the performance of checks on the state of the property.

Services for sellers: The market of luxury homes revolves around a series of elements that make a property exclusive for a sum of elements such as beauty, quality, and services offered. Our real estate agency guarantees the seller every kind of advice, both pre- and post-sale. The collaboration with Carratelli Engineering allows us to study solutions to renovate the property and/or redefine the spaces. Obtain the maximum performance according to the trend of the real estate market to make your residence technologically advanced with respect to energy sustainability and environmental impact is our aim.

Exchanges:  Our real estate agency also offers another kind of opportunities, the exchange contracts. We will follow all the phases of the exchange between the parties advising the client for the best, even in the delicate bureaucratic phase. Experts in the field will be at your disposal for any case just contacting us. The main difference between an exchange and a sale is that in the first case the exchange does not occur through a price, but through the mutual transfer of an asset.

Property finder: A qualified professional – not necessarily a real estate agent – will be at your disposal, getting the research assignment to find a tailor-made house that fully meets your needs. A property finder is consultant who solves and deals with technical-bureaucratic tasks, and has the access to a multi-channel network: private individuals, builders, and real estate agencies themselves. An important figure who will be able to help the buyer in the right choice of a new home.

Architecture and design: Choosing the right property depends on two essential factors such as its architecture and design. The projects’ elaboration starts from indications provided by the clients and it is made executive after the various meetings with the counterpart; nothing is left to chance, from the analysis of the functions, to the form, to the choice of materials. During the execution phase, selected and highly specialised workers will intervene, so that total respect for the project with high quality results can be guaranteed.

Legal and fiscal services: Buying a house is not a simple affair, especially when managing the relevant legal regulations and the amount of costs and taxes to be paid. To get to sign a compromise or later to manage a house, you can rely on our agents. They provide legal and tax advice for any type of property and sale. The regulations relating to the management of rental contracts have become increasingly complex.

Property management: We offer a property management service that encompasses all general interest services and aims primarily to optimise management. The economic savings that comes from having every activity carried out by a company is not to underestimate. Management consultancy presupposes listening to and verifying the client’s needs, analysing the real estate market and its laws, building characteristics, profitability and criticality of the investment, more than obtaining important discounts with companies, each one specialising in its own sector.

Marketing:  Do you have an idea of what your new property might look like? Our agency proposes a selection of marketing models solution, such as infographics and 3D applied to real estate marketing because the union of the two techniques is the new trend in real estate marketing. Moreover, it is possible to include in the digital spaces tools that allow users to see a before/after in a clear way: it is practically possible to navigate through images. It is a mix of real images and digitally created images.

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